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270,00 €

A Handle-All is a multi-functional tool with telescoping handle and 4 full-sized implements. Compact and rugged, while maintaining full-size utility. Perfect for camping, off-roading, recreation, farming, ranching, and forestry. Stores compactly alongside other accessories.

89,00 €

The Bushranger® Diggar Shovel is a simple, compact tool, essential on the open road. Suitable for digging out of trouble, camp fire pits, or even the outhouse.

72,00 €

Never forget your axe on a camping trip! Mount an axe on your Rival modular roof rack with this amazing axe holder from Rival.

56,00 €

Never forget your shovel on a camping trip! Mount a shovel on your Rival modular roof rack with these amazing shovel mounting brackets from Rival.

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