Aeroklas Leisure Hard Top Canopy With Central Locking For Ford Ranger Double Cab

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Ford Ranger Aeroklas High Spec Leisure Hard Top With Central Locking.

Dark tinted side window glass with pop-out quarter window.  
Aeroklas are on the cutting edge of trucktop manufacturing and development, they are the first company in the world to offer an "Engineered ABS Double Shell Technology." Twin ABS skins are bonded together for strength and durability. This makes a hard top which is light, strong, durable and weather-proof, just the job for your new Ford Ranger double cab.

Flawless Dupont paint finish that is simply unbeatable – Guaranteed! We have never seen a truck top before that has such a perfect, glossy, flawless finish. 

Central Locking Benefits:

- Offers easy piece of mind that the tailgate is locked with the vehicle doors, at the touch of a button.  
- Added security.v - Operates from the vehicle key fob, no additional fob.  
- This function’s wiring  is incorporated in the PLUG & PLAY connection – straight into the loom = no extra fitting time !  
- Central locking cannot be retro – fitted.  
- Very modest additional cost over non- central locking version for this great feature...!

Advantages of ABS for truck top manufacture: 

* Plug and Play Central Locking Kit .  
*ABS is widely used in the automotive and aircraft industry.  
*It is extremely lightweight, strong and rust free throughout it’s lifetime.  
*ABS is able to reshape after impact.  
*The hardtop is thermoformed from a single piece of ABS, thus there are no connection joints or weak areas.  
*ABS is 100% recyclable, so it is environmentally friendly unlike fibreglass.  
*Aeroklas ABS Trucktops are easy clean, odourless and have a power washable interior.  
*Aeroklas are the first truck top maker that reinforces with ABS double shells for double strength.  
*Chosen by Ford Europe as an OE dealer approved truck top for the Ford Ranger.

Standard Features of the Aeroklas ABS High-Spec Leisure Trucktop:

*Dark tinted side glass featuring pop-out style ventilation windows.  
*Sliding front bulkhead window allows easy cleaning & additional ventilation.  
*Rear heated window with defroster.  
*LED Rear brake light, proven to reduce rear end shunts.  
*Easy use ergonomically designed handle lock and keys.  
*Non drill, easy fit 6-point fitting G-clamps.  
*LED interior light, uses less power providing higher light out-put.  
*Plug & Play wiring harness allows for easy & quick installation.

If you want a stylish, problem free hardtop then the Aeroklas is the trucktop to have for your new Ford Ranger. Guaranteed quality, durability & peace of mind.