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1. Who is Offroad & More and How Can You Reach Us
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Alu-Cab Shadow Awning RHS

1 440,00 €

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Like all Alu-Cab products, our 270° Shadow Awning, is built tough! Built in the stormy Cape, this awning is designed to stand up to strong winds and inclement weather. And with its aluminium-coated canvas it’s equally good at providing the coolest shade in desert climes.

But one of the most popular features of the awning is the ease with which it’s opened and closed, which is easily a one person operation. The unit has four arms, each containing a tie-down strap for really serious weather (a peg bag & pegs are also supplied); one leg has a drop down pole for breezy conditions but in fine weather you can get by without deploying it.

So while our Shadow Awning is built tough, it’s also built easy, designed to make your camping experience as comfortable and as effortless as possible.

The Alu-Cab 270° Shadow Awning is stronger, lighter and easier-to-handle than all other awnings on the market. It is designed by Alu-Cab to be setup and broken down quickly and easily. The awning is approximately 10m², covers the side and rear of the vehicle, and protects against sun and rain. It is 2.6m long and weighs about 27kg.

To open the 270° Awning, simply unzip the transport sleeve. The awning is then pulled around the vehicle, and tied to a mount in the rear. To give the fabric more tension, which allows rain to drain easily, a short supporting rod is folded up in the middle of the arm. With a little practice, assembly and disassembly take less than a minute.

The Alu-Cab 270° Awning does not normally need contact with the ground. In strong winds, the awning can be attached to the ground by the supporting arm and then pulled tight. Tent pegs are in their own bag which can be found fixed to the transport bag.

In order to stow the awning away, fold down the centre support rod. The holding strap has to be released at the rear of the vehicle, and the awning should be folded up. The cloth is then rolled, lined with the velcro straps on the frame, and the transport sleeve needs to be zipped up.


The acrylic-aluminized fabric weighs 260g/m². This material is lightweight, waterproof and tear-resistant. It can easily be pulled tight, and provides shade and weather-protection. The Aluminium coating reflects the sun so that the temperatures are about 5°C cooler under the awning, than under awnings of more conventional material.


The Alu-Cab 270° Awning has three articulated arms made of 1.6mm thick aluminium. The rectangular profile provides additional stability without adding any weight.


The hinges with which the articulated arm is attached, are made of 5mm thick stainless steel with nylon bearings.


By adding the optional side walls, the awning can be extended even more. The side walls with doors, several windows, and mosquito nets are fastened to the awning by Velcro straps. Two extra tent poles in the corners make sure than the tent stays in position.

The side walls are made of water-proof, tear-resistant, acrylic-coated fabric that weigh approximately 190g/m².


A rain gutter is available to cover the area between the vehicle rear and the awning. This is recommended for vehicles with a side-opening rear door. A channel rail must be attached to the vehicle for installation. The rain cover is then pulled into the channel rails on the awning and vehicle and then allows access to the vehicle protected from rain.

The channel rail for the vehicle is not part of the rain roof and must be purchased separately.


For the awning, Alu-Cab supplies a variety of different brackets:

  • Universal-Brackets
  • Brackets for mounting on Alu-Cab cross-beams
  • Brackets for mounting on Alu-Cab Canopy Roof Rack
  • Brackets for mounting on Front Runner Roof Rack
  • Brackets for mounting on Alu-Cab Rooftent Expedition 3
  • Brackets for mounting on Alu-Cab Rooftop-Conversion Icarus for the Land Rover Defender
  • Brackets for mounting on Alu-Cab Rooftop-Conversion Hercules for the Toyota HZJ

The brackets are held in position, supplied in pairs and are made of Aluminium or stainless steel.

Mounting can be carried out very simply by these brackets. For this purpose, the stable u-shaped Aluminium longitudinal support of the awning has drill-holes at regular intervals. If necessary, separate holes can be drilled into the longitudinal profile without any problems.


Length closed: 2.6m

Shading Surface: approx. 10m²

Weight: 27kg

The awning is available in two versions, for mounting on the left or right side.

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Front Runner - Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table KIT

Front Runner - Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table KIT

This lightweight, sturdy prep-sized camp table is ideal for food preparation, food serving, and gathering around to eat. Features include a stainless steel top and black powder-coated aluminum frame. Specifically designed to be easily stored UNDERNEATH most Front Runner Slimline II Roof Racks.*

The Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table Kit includes the Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table, Under-Rack Table Slides and Under-Rack Table Slides Latch.

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