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1. Who is Offroad & More and How Can You Reach Us
Offroad and More is all about 4x4 parts and accessories. We have all the adventure gear you need
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4. Returns and Exchanges
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If we haven't received the product yet and have no proof that you've returned it, we will have to
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5. Our Prices
We are always honest about the prices, so you don’t come across any unpleasant surprises. The
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In most cases, if you can order it on the website, we have it in stock. Is it unexpectedly taking longer
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make sure we deposit your payment as soon as possible. Turns out we can’t deliver it? Then you
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8. Customer Service
Is something wrong with the product? We’ll solve this for you, of course. Contact us as soon as you
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Do you have a complaint? Let us know and describe the problem as clearly as possible. This way, we
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50L Tilting Fridge Slide

475,00 €

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External dimensions: 524 (w) x 782 (l)

Usable dimensions: 440 (w) x 708 (l)

Commonly fits 45,50 and 6L Fridges

Refrigerator and freezer boxes are often stored in off-road vehicles and pickups on a drawer system. With a conventional pull-out, the problem often arises that you can no longer look into the cooler. Especially users of lifted vehicles, women or children know the problem. In the case of rear or hardtop doors that open upwards, the lid of the cooler often cannot be opened completely, especially if it is attached to the long side of the fridge.

The Alu-Cab Aluminium fridge slide unit solves this problem. After a robust locking mechanism has been opened, the ball-bearing extension can be pulled out and folded down once a catch has been overcome. Due to its sturdy construction, the pull-out does not require any support.

The easiest method of attaching the fridge is with a ratchet strap, pulling it through the two loops in the pull-out panel and over the handles of the fridge. Holes can also be drilled directly into the pull-out plate.

The fridge slide is available in three sizes.

External dimensions: 524 (w) x 782 (l)

Usable dimensions: 440 (w) x 708 (l)

Commonly fits 45,50 and 6L Fridges

A fridge slide is a fridge slide. Or is it? At Alu-Cab we take great delight in innovation - reinventing the things that most people think can’t be improved upon. Our fridge slides are a case in point. We build our slides out of a combination of aluminium and 3CR12 stainless steel, the former for its lightness and the latter for its strength and durability. This combination of materials allows for a fridge slide that’s up to 5 kg lighter than the competition, and as any seasoned off-roader will tell you, lighter is better.

Then there are the bearings that we use. Most fridge slides feature telescopic drawer runners, very similar or even identical to the runners you’ll find on the drawers in your kitchen at home. The problem is that the fridge slide in your 4x4 has to deal with very different conditions to what your kitchen is exposed to! Nope, hard experience has taught us that sealed bearings work better and last longer.

Perhaps one of the most innovative features of our fridge slide is its tilt facility. A deceptively simple design with no complicated linkages or moving parts allows your fridge to tilt downwards as it reaches the end of the slide. This allows you to more easily access its contents.

Finally, to sweeten the deal, we include a ratchet strap with every slide. We figured you’re going to need one anyway to secure your fridge so it makes sense (and cents) to include one in the package. We also pack in a set of corner locators; these L-shaped brackets allow you to fix the fridge securely in place, so that it won’t move around, regardless of conditions under tyre.

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Drop Down Table

Drop Down Table

Create more work and prep space off the back of your vehicle. This sturdy drop down table mounts to the rear swing door of Jeep JK/JKUs and some other vehicles and trailers with a suitable flat surface. Features include a black powder coated steel table top with an extendable wooden tray. Designed to be easily accessed and securely stowed away compact and rattle free.

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