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Alu-Cab Awning Right Side (180°)

by Alu-Cab
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Free-standing 180° awning for the left side of the vehicle.

scope of delivery

  • Awning with a support foot (excluding vehicle-specific brackets)

  • Protective cover in black

  • Set of pegs in a practical bag

Coated awning fabric

The fabric is reinforced with acrylic and has a heat-reflecting silver coating on one side (aluminum fabric). It has an additional, water-repellent coating on the upper side of the material, which allows water to bead up. The awning fabric (315g/m²) has a water column of 600 mm and consists of 100% polyester in the base fabric, which is particularly elastic and has also been impregnated with an acrylic-based resin.

The construction of the fabric and the impregnation prevent fungal attack and thus also reduce the formation of mold.

articulated arms

The Alu-Cab 180° awning has aluminum arms just like the 270° awning.


A rain gutter (gutter) is available to seal the area between the rear of the vehicle and the awning. This is particularly recommended for vehicles with side-opening rear doors. A keder rail must be attached to the vehicle for installation. The gutter is then pulled into the keder rail on the awning and vehicle and then allows rain-protected access to the vehicle


The Alu-Cab 180° awning is, so to speak, the narrow version of its predecessor - the 270° awning. 

It is also 2.60m long, but casts a shadow area of 180°, and weighs 24kg.

The two awnings are similar in most respects: 

The awnings have aluminum arms that support the awning and keep it stable - even in bad weather. Should conditions deteriorate, the awning's center arm features a stowed folding pole to give the awning extra support. However, the poles and additional lashing straps attached to them are only needed in wind or rain! In most cases, the awning can therefore be used free-standing. In addition, the awning is made of water-repellent impregnated fabric.