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Alu-Cab Hardtop "Contour" Jeep Gladiator 2019+ D/Cab with windows

by Alu-Cab
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€3.572,00 - €3.572,00
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Thanks to the  integrated roof rails, the assembly of load carriers, roof racks, awnings or even a roof tent is no problem. The Alu-Cab hardtop is known for its versatility and individual facilities. The C-rails on the roof and the T-slot rails in the interior make attaching accessories or securing loads quick and easy. This gives you the opportunity to customize your hardtop, which makes it the perfect solution for use when camping, on the construction site or even when hunting.

This comes as standard Contour with 3 opening flaps: on the left and right as well as on the back of the tailgate. These openings/flaps consist of a double seal design, which is created by interlocking the flaps on the frame of the flap. This results in excellent weather and dust protection.

Open side windows - Thanks to the newly integrated recess for the sliding window, these are now particularly dirt- , water and dust-repellent.

Large side flaps allow unhindered, quick access to the load from the outside. Optional storage compartments or slide-in rails for storage boxes ensure order in the interior. With a large selection of accessories, the hardtop can be perfectly adapted to your own needs. 

Weight - 62 Kg with windows
Width - 120 cm
Roof load - 200kg dynamic & 400kg static

- integrated brake light
- 3 internal led lights
- front mounted pressure relief venting
- roof roll form
- up to 40% lighter
- 100% recyclable
- simple DIY montage
- strong aluminum construction and tamper-proof locks for added security