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ARB Altitude Roof Top Tent

by ARB
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Introducing the Altitude, ARB’s next-level of luxury touring in a rooftop tent. Drawing on almost 50 years of engineering knowledge, manufacturing experience and thousands of kilometres of rigorous testing; The ARB Altitude Tent enables off grid living with convenience, comfort and safety by automating set up & pack down.

ARB Smartfold hinge technology 

The Altitude’s ARB SmartFold™ hinge technology design is what makes the tent truly hands-free. The clever two-piece hinge fully enfolds the Altitude tent’s fabric within the sleeping area during closing operation. This eliminates the arduous task of manually ensuring the canvas is folded into the tent when packing up, and gives a perfect close every time.

  • ARB patented canvas hinge stays enable completely automated operation – no more tucking in canvas to close
  • A total of 6x canvas stays are sewn in
  • The hinge folds in on itself using a collapsing movement, designed by ARB engineers
  • Made from high grade steel to be both strong and durable

Premium Ladder

The ladder’s steps are both larger and deeper than competitor alternatives, as well as being the only tent on the market featuring a handrail ensuring ease and safety for you and your family. The Altitude’s ladder also securely hooks onto the purpose-built mount, which features an amber and white light, illuminating the steps to increase visibility at night. The Altitude stores the ladder internally, removing the need to sacrifice precious tub or cargo space.

  • Robust & lightweight aluminium construction with 102kg ladder weight rating
  • Premium hand rails for ease of access & safety which fold for compact storage
  • Full sized steps (Each rung: 360x175mm) which angle to remain flat underfoot when attached
  • 3 stage adjustment to suit varying roof heights and adjustable feet to suit vehicle heights 1735mm – 2110mm
  • Under rail recessed dual temperature LED lighting (White/Amber) ideal for illuminating the ladder at night or ambient campsite lighting
  • Innovative internal storage solution houses the ladder within the top shell of the tent

Shell design 

The Altitude’s fiberglass construction is finished in a premium cool grey colour embedded in the gel-coat, making it ready to stand the test of time. ARB’s engineering team have ensured that every contour is both perfect and purposeful, with focus on complimenting the vehicle curves. The body of the shell draws inspiration from the clean lines and angles found in modern 4WD design, adding to the overall aesthetic look whilst adding strength for long term durability across changing climates.

  • Durable 2.5mm thick top & bottom Fiberglass shells with lightweight aluminium frame
  • Two-tone grey colour
  • Strategically styled for both form and function
  • Curved to suit modern vehicle lines whilst adding structure for strength in changing climates
  • Double sided entry for different campsites & vehicles
  • Premium aluminium ladder attachment rails blended into the shell via injection molded end caps


Comfort was a primary focus during the Altitude tent’s concept and design, featuring a full-size double bed and a 70mm thick mattress for plush cushioning. With convenience in mind, the Altitude’s roof liner has been moulded to accommodate for blankets and pillows to be left within the tent when packed down and acts as a second layer of insulation between the outer shell and bedding area.

  • Full sized double bed (1370x1870mm) made from 70mm thick, comfortable dual density foam mattress
  • 17mm honeycomb base core for strength and insulation
  • Huge 1180mm high internal height for spacious lounging and easy changing
  • Moulded headliner provides premium feel whilst separating interior from ladder storage and offering additional insulation
  • Deep roof cavities fitted with storage nets provide great clothes storage in use or package pillows when closing
  • Closable with full bedding, including ARB Deluxe Sleeping Bag (with pillows stored above)
  • 2x roof cargo storage nets perfect for housing clothes, blankets or pillows

Material & Storage

Both breathable and durable, the 380gsm heavy-duty canvas is one of the strongest on market and protects occupants and ensures a no-compromise good night’s sleep. Providing a 360-degree panoramic view of your surroundings, easily achieved by simply unzipping each corner and door. The Altitude also comes with an array of purposeful storage compartments, including bed head pockets and netting attached to the roof. Each corner includes a drink bottle holder, phone pocket, and an accessory pocket to house everything needed, and at easy reach, throughout the night.

  • Super heavy duty 350GSM polycotton plain weave canvas (requires weathering prior to first use)
  • Fire Retardant canvas compliant to ASTM F3431-21
  • Quality insect proof mesh windows & doors
  • 360° panoramic views embraced with corner windows & side doors sewn throughout
  • Glow in the dark door zips for easy access at night
  • Ample internal storage, with 2x drink bottle holders in head corners, 2x general accessory pockets and 2x phone pockets

12V Power

The Altitude is powered from the vehicle’s battery either via hard wire or plugged directly into a 12V Anderson plug. The cleverly-engineered power isolation feature ensures no battery draw when the Altitude tent is closed, turning off all lights and other load drawing devices once shut. Control climate through the integrated roof fan, featuring high and low speed settings, and in or out directional blow settings. The interior is illuminated with a white or ambient amber light strip along the roof edge, ensuring full visibility and comfort when the sun goes down. Dual USB sockets allow for easy charging of phones and tablets and the unique provision for magnetic or suction cup mounts enables easy viewing whilst charging your devices.

  • Powering the tent’s 12V features is a rear Anderson plug connection, with a 3m Anderson-Anderson lead included
  • Best connected to an Anderson plug at rear of vehicle if fitted or a hard-wired solution to battery
  • 25A peak current draw on start-up, 4A running
  • Internal lighting solved with dual temperature & dimmable LED’s
  • USB and USB-C chargers, as well as a 12v socket
  • Overhead switchboard for lighting and fan controls + extra USB & USB-C ports for charging devices while watching
  • Integrated roof fan with multi speed settings and in/out direction functions
  • Overhead provision for suction cup tablet/phone holders & roof mounted USB/C ports

Safety & Security

An internal control box has been installed that includes a failsafe isolator to prevent the tent being controlled once inside, and includes a cigarette and USB C socket for even more device powering/charging options. Although being rigorously tested in various conditions, in the unlikely case of electrical failure a manual override system has been included, providing owners with peace of mind in emergency situations. The Altitude also includes a locking handle on either side of the tent – simply turn the locks to fix the tent in place and key lock before you head on the road.

  • Red rocker switch isolates power to external controls for overnight security
  • Manual emergency release designed in for worst case scenario’s, enabling the actuators to be bypassed and manually lifted
  • ARB lockable D-handle locks for a secure close
  • Multiple mounting solutions exist, with Altitude including universal folded brackets for BASE Rack & cross bar fitments

Weather & Climate

Designed with drainage points in each corner of the base, the Altitude ensures that during heavy rainfall the Altitude tent won’t carry water in the shell. Grommets have been installed in each corner to block the drainage holes when closed, preventing dust ingress whilst on the move. To prevent potential wind-drag and road noise, a wind deflector has been designed for the front of the Altitude.

  • Water drainage holes in each external shell corner, designed and tested for use in 4 seasons. Drain holes covered automatically during in transit combatting dust ingress
  • Weatherproof external zippers
  • Integrated front wind deflector

Roof Storage 

A load capacity of 20kg allows a multitude of carrying options without scarifying functionality. The Altitude also accommodates the attachment of a crossbar kit further increasing the options of accessories and cargo that can be carried. For additional power, the purpose-engineered 120W solar panel accessory kit, installed on the Altitude’s roof, provides peace of mind when heading off grid. The best bit is that the actuators can support 20kgs to open even whilst loaded, meaning the surfboard or skis don’t have to come off to jump into bed.

  • Sleek roof rails with integrated T-slot mounting channels for a range of accessories
  • 20kg roof load carrying capacity
  • Tent is able to lift while loaded with its capacity
  • Ladder accessible via rear hatch which is secured via 2x lockable D-handles, and spring loaded to automatically hold open for easy ladder retrieval
  • Ladder stored on aluminium internal frame with guides to ensure correct, robust storage every time

Mounted Weight (Inc. Ladder & Mattress): 105kg

Roof Load Capacity (Dynamic): 20kg

Packaged Weight (in carton): 150kg

Ladder Weight (Individually): 9.2kg