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ARB Portable Medium Compressor Kit V2

by ARB
Original price €466,82 - Original price €466,82
Original price
€466,82 - €466,82
Current price €466,82
The addition of a durable weather-proof case will provide protection for the compressor in various weather conditions, making it more versatile and reliable for outdoor use.

The inclusion of the V2 air hose and quick connect tire inflation chuck is a convenient addition to the kit. These new accessories, along with the neoprene pocket for storage, make the overall user experience more organized and user-friendly.

Kit contains:
  • Air Compressor
  • Durable weather-proof carry case
  • Air hose with US standard fittings, 7m (23‘) in length and rated to 150psi (10bar)
  • 1x Quick-connect ARB Tyre Inflation Chuck
  • 1x tyre bread seating fitting
  • 1x Inflation accessory kit

  • Hard anodised cylinder bore and teflon impregnated carbon fiber piston seal
  • Built-In over pressure safety valve
  • Motor Internally thermal procteted
  • Built-In pressure switch
  • Handy neoprene pocket to store hose and accessories
  • Weather proof polypropylene storage case
  • 50% Duty cycle
  • Description: Hohes Vol. - Portabel
  • Required Voltage: 12 V

Working Capacity without back pressure:
  • Current consumtion: 13 A
  • Air Pressure Rate at 0 BAR: 75,1 LPM
  • Air Pressure Rate at 0 PSI: 2,65 CFM
Working Capacity with back pressure:
  • Current Draw: 22,9 A
  • Air Flow Rate at 2 BAR: 61,6 LPM
  • Air Flow Rate at 29 PSI: 2,18 CFM
  • Weight: 7 kg / 15,4 Lbs
  • Duty Cycle in % at 22°C: 50
  • Duty Cycle / Idle Time in min: 30 / 30
  • Size (HxWxL): 182mm x 308mm x 356mm
  • Furse included in cable set: Ja
  • Connection point for Air Locker solenoidvalve: Nein
  • Overpressure switch: Ja
  • Robust Carrying box: Ja
  • Equipped with air filter: Ja
  • Tire inflation hose: Ja, inklusiJa
  • Thermal overload protection: