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Land Rover Defender 130 70L Auxiliary Fuel Tank - RH

by LRA
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Whether it’s towing touring or just everyday driving, a Defender owner with a LRA tank fitted can fill up when it’s cheap and drive on by laughing when the fuel goes through the up cycle every week! The kit includes everything required to fit the new tank with minimal fuss.

The LRA tank is manufactured from 2mm aluminized steel, etch primed and finished in black stone guard. All LRA long range fuel tanks are proudly Australian made since 1989.

All LRA Auxiliary tanks come complete with a quality LED Switch gauge unit which shows the fuel level in the auxiliary tank and incorporates the switch to operate the transfer pump.

  • Total fuel capacity with RH sill and standard main tank 145lt, LH sill and standard main tank 135lt or RH & LH sill and standard main tank 205lt

  • These tanks will not fit with factory side steps

  • Driving range is in excess of 1300km with RH Sill tank, 1200km with LH Sill tank or 1800km with both sill tanks (based on 11.1lt per 100km)

  • Stainless steel water tank option also available

  •  IMPORTANT! Will not fit with factory side steps


  • Location: RH Sill

  • Fill Point: NEW

  • Capacity: 70L

  • Fitting time: 5hrs

  • Relocate spare: No

FOR Land Rover Defender 1994-2016, 130 series, Diesel, dual body


Shipping Dimensions

Height 49 cm
Width 45 cm
Length 152 cm
Weight 40 kg