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by Maxtrax
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Half the Weight. All the Adventure.

The MAXTRAX LITE recovery tracks are your entry ticket to off-road adventures whether you're seeking value for money, a part time explorer or exploring less extreme off-road terrains. 

What sets the MAXTRAX LITE recovery tracks apart is their weight – they're 48% lighter than our Mk2 recovery tracks, making them perfect for smaller vehicles, those mindful of weight limits and roof load capacity. Measuring 895mm, they're also 22% shorter than the Mk2 and XTREME recovery tracks.

Sleek and Nimble Design 

Featuring our signature patented double ramp design, MAXTRAX LITE recovery tracks are quick and easy to maneuver under your tyres. The shovel at both ends ensures you can dig your way out of tight spots. 

On the shorter MAXTRAX LITE recovery tracks, you'll find four comfortable handles for easy handling and like all our boards, they stack together seamlessly with convenient mounting pin holes that double as linking points.

Same Aggressive Teeth, Faster Recovery 

The MAXTRAX LITE recovery tracks sport the same aggressive teeth pattern as their siblings, ensuring they'll sink their teeth into your tyre’s tread and pull you out of any bog in no time.


  • Half the weight. All the adventure: 1.8kg each, 48% lighter than Mk2’s.
  • Footprint: 895mm long for traction.
  • Premium Australian Manufacturing: Proudly Australian Made.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Manufactured with the similar design as our premium boards.
  • Double Ramp Design: Patented for quick and easy maneuvering under your tyres.
  • Shovel at Both Ends: Enables easy digging in tight spots.
  • Four Comfortable Handles: Designed for ease of handling on the shorter LITE boards.
  • Aggressive Teeth Pattern: 66 teeth ensure rapid and effective tyre grip.
  • Seamless Stacking: Stacks together with a sleek, low-profile design.
  • Mounting Pin Holes: Allows convenient storage, and the LITE can be linked together or to the other boards in the MAXTRAX family.
  • Impact Resistant Thermoplastic: Achieves lightweight tough construction.