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ARB Intensity Solis 21 Led Driving Lights

by ARB
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Incorporating new inhouse engineered and designed optics partnered with OSRAM LED technology and styling updates, the ARB Intensity Solis has pushed the limits of driving light technology once again and produced a uniquely designed, feature packed and highly capable driving light and now in small version and ready for on road use in European countries.

The 21 LEDs are made up of 15 x 4W and 6 x 5W which deliver amazing distance down the road for its size with a beam pattern that is perfected for a wide range of driving conditions.
Thermal management for controlling the temperature created by LEDs has always been a premium feature of the ARB Intensity. Never compromising on quality, intelligent active thermal management for the light is included and has been optimised by our engineers, so allows the efficient dissipation of heat from the light housing to keep the LEDs running at maximum performance. ARB Intensity lights are designed to maximise the output in all driving conditions and provide increased life expectancy of the light compared with cheaper lighting options in the market.
The ARB Intensity Solis 21 LED include a unique digital dimmer control. Pre-set brightness settings have been hard programmed into the controller to enhance your driving experience. Using modern styling lines and designs, the controller has been kept as small as possible to provide a seamless fit and finish to modern dash boards.
The off-road mode allows the lights to be used to their full potential, by allowing access to the two highest settings; these two settings will also illuminate on the touchpad in a red colour to further alert the driver they are not in the on-road mode setting. To gain access to the off-road system, you have to activate it separatly. Important: The two brightest intensity settings are not UNECE R112/R149 compliant for on-road use and should only be used when off road. To revert to on-road mode, turn off the off-roade mode. DO NOT activate off-road mode while operating on public roads.
The overall design with interchangeable bezels (black/ reed) included with the light that can be changed easily by the customer. Colours featured are the iconic ARB red and also black for that stealth look on the front of the vehicle.
The high pressure die cast aluminium mount which includes security hardware provides a variety of mounting positions and fitment to a greater number of bull bars on the market. They can also be mounted hanging.
Kit includes:

  • 2x Solis Driving Light
  • 2x Cover (clear) also available in amber or black
  • 2x Mounting bracket
  • 2x Mounting Hardware Kit
  • 1x Wiring loom incl. Touchpad
  • 1x Bezel red and 1x Bezel black

On-Road Mode:

  • UNECE R149 compliant
  • Power Draw: 36W
  • Current Draw: 2,7 Amps at 13,2V
  • Effective Lumens: 2.700 Lumen
    Off-Road Mode:
    • not UNECE R149 compliant
    • Power Draw: 82W
    • Current Draw: 6,2 Amps at 13,2V
    • Effective Lumens: 6.00 Lumen
      • Up- and Down Button
      • 5 pre-set Stufen
        5%, 25%, 50%: On-Road
        75%, 100%: Off-Road only
      • Silicone sleeved for durability and protection
      • Multi coloured indicators (white/ red)
      • Intuitive control and touch
      • Dimension (in mm): 58x10x25 (LxDxH)



  • Dimensions: 192x190x114
  • Weight: 2.73 kg
  • Rated voltage: 10-30 V
  • Rated power: 36-82 W
  • Test voltage: 13,2 V
  • Luminous flux: 2700-6000 lm
  • Color temperature: 5700 K
  • Light distance at 1lx [PIM]: 426-620 m
  • Lifetime: > 50.000 h
  • Plug connection: --
  • Technology: LED
  • Standards: UNECE R10
  • Test mark approval: Ja
  • Protection class: IP68