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Vision X Shocker White Elliptical LED Light Bar

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€602,39 - €1.809,37
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The Shocker Dual Action LED Light Bar brings versatility and lighting power to the forefront by allowing you to adjust your vision ti the ever-changing driving conditions with the flick of a switch.
Experience the all nex VRT (Vector Reflector Technology) at night speeds to shine long distance with a wide driving beam that also fans across the trail.
When you need to light up the trails, flip the switch to ignite the white PLC (Photon Light Core Technology) to blast out a bright, ultra-wide beam to clearly see the road edges with over 170° of illumination.

Photon Light Core Fore Wide Elliptical Beam
The new Photon Light Core technology is the first of its kind. Our engineers designed the bottom half of the Shocker to produce a unique wide spread elliptical beam that keeps the light low to the ground.

Vector Reflector for Broad Spot Beam
With the flip of a switch, the Shocker bar transforms your light into a driving spot beam that utilizes our newly designed Vector Reflector Technology to boost the beam pattern out to 400 meters.


  • Dual Fonction Lighting Technology: New Vector Reflector and Photon Light Core technology for dual function lighting

  • Race-inspired Side Mounts: The Shoker come with heavy duty Race-Ready side mounts that are built to pitlive any abuse

  • High Output CREE LEDS: Utilizing top binned XP-L-HI and XP-E2 Cree chips; the shocker was made to outshine the competition.

  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471

  • Dimensions: 304/83/97mm

  • Weight: 2.55 kg

  • Voltage: 9-32V DC

  • Amperage: 2.5~12.5A@24V DC - 5~25A@12V DC

  • Vibration Rating: 21.2 Grms


ITEM# Beam Pattern Raw Lumens Effective Lumens Wattage Lenght
SHK-BV6WPW Broad Spot And Elliptical 6.420 / 6.945 lm(ea) 4.494 / 4.862 lm(ea) 60 / 100 Watt 304 mm
SHK-BV12WPW Broad Spot And Elliptical 12.840 / 13.890 lm(ea) 8.988 / 9.723 lm(ea) 125 / 200 Watt 556 mm
SHK-BV18WPW Broad Spot And Elliptical 19.260 / 20.835 lm(ea) 13.482 / 14.586 lm(ea) 195 / 300 Watt 808 mm
SHK-BV24WPW Broad Spot And Elliptical 25.680 / 27.780 lm(ea) 17.976 / 19.446 lm(ea) 240 / 380 Watt 1060 mm