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Vision X XPR Spot Beam Halo LED Light Bar

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The 10-watt LEDs in these light bars are paired with IRIS reflector technology to project usable light further than ever before possible. IRIS reflector technology was first introduced with the Optimus Series in 2012, using deeply recessed reflectors to achieve unmatched distance in a light of that size.

The XPR light bars create an unmatched distance option in LED Light Bars. The 27 LED light bar produces 1,600ft of usable light. Another new innovation in these light bars is the use of tilting reflectors, allowing the outer 3 LEDs on each end of the light bars (sizes above 6 LED) to tilt out to create a mixed or combo beam pattern. Increasing the spread of the light, tilting reflectors creates even more visibility for the driver.

The XPR series offers several mounting options, Vision X’s patented feet mounts, new end mount brackets, or pair the patented feet mounts with Vision X’s billet tube mounts (available as an accessory) to mount to roll cages or any tube framing. New end mounts securely fasten to the housing with two bolts and lock washers per end, and allow for vertical adjustment once mounted.

The Vision X XPR-HM has been updated with new IRIS reflector technology to give 40-90% more distance than the XPR series, and features Prime Drive Technology, a Custom beam pattern that offers you great distance with spread to the beam, a halo ring consisting of the reflector holder to act as a daytime running halo, and black aluminum housing. The XPR-HM comes standard with an extended warranty, and multi-volt 11-32V DC input. This light offers multiple mounting options. Coming with Prime Drive for enhanced reliability & output and our new 10 watt LED’s this light has an extraordinary light output.


  • LEDs: 10W Per LED

  • Housing Material: Aluminium

  • Light Colour Temp: 6000 Kelvin

  • Voltage: 11-32V DC

  • Amperage: 1.25A~11.25A@24V DC - 2.5A~22.5A@12V DC

  • Vibration Rating: 21 Grms

  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

  • Xtreme Five Watt LED is Driven to 90% Efficiency

  • Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology

  • Dual Mounting Standard

  • Weatherproof Deutsch Connector

  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471, E-Mark


ITEM# Beam Pattern Raw Lumens Effective Lumens Wattage Weight Dimension
XPR-H3S Straight 3,237 lm(ea) 2.266 lm(ea) 30 Watt 0,82 kg 156x80x81 mm
XPR-H6S Straight 6,474 lm(ea) 4.531 lm(ea) 60 Watt 1,54 kg 291x80x81 mm
XPR-H9S Straight 9.711 lm(ea) 6.798 lm(ea) 90 Watt 2,31 kg 476x80x81 mm
XPR-H12S Straight 12.948 lm(ea) 9.064 lm(ea) 120 Watt 3,13 kg 611x80x81 mm
XPR-H15S Straight 16.185 lm(ea) 11.330 lm(ea) 150 Watt 3,95 kg 746x80x81 mm
XPR-H18S Straight 19.422 lm(ea) 13.595 lm(ea) 180 Watt 4,45 kg 881x80x81 mm
XPR-H21S Straight 22.659 lm(ea) 15.861 lm(ea) 210 Watt 5,26 kg 1.016x80x81 mm
XPR-H24S Straight 25.986 lm(ea) 18.127 lm(ea) 240 Watt 6,67 kg 1.150x80x81 mm
XPR-H27S Straight 29.133 lm(ea) 20.393 lm(ea) 270 Watt 6,90 kg 1.286x80x81 mm